Create a Web Page In Seconds!


Createpg is our innovative idea it is for poeple who want to create a web page and dont want to be botthered with registration and other hassles, although we do ask you for your email so you can retrieve your password later.Createpg is the fastest way to create a web page and publish it, our website is free for all you can make as many web pages as you desire.Createpg uses Tinymce's lightweight WYSIWYG Editor it is one of the most powerful WYSIWYG editors.WYSIWYG online editors were invented years ago and are very easy to use,you can upload your stylesheets (CSS) aswell using image uploader and add the link before </head>.

Mange Created Web page lets you create passwords for your web pages so you can edit or delete your web page later.You can edit your web page by clicking "Edit Created Web Page" button situated on the homepage.If for any reason you decide that you want to delete your web page you can Click Here and put your credentials and delete it. Note delete web pages cant be recovered.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Tinymce WYSIWYG web builder is SEO friendly itself it creates a clean output and only adds the necessary HTML Tags, but still We have added some extras to make the web pages created by it more SEO friendly.We have made it necessary that before you can publish a page you have to write Title Description and Keywords,every search engine likes web pages with good Title Description and related Keywords. .

Sharing Text Online Uploading Images & Docs

You can share text with your friends online and if the text is important to you you can change "Make your Page" option to private and then your web page will be password protected Hidden From Search Engine and will not display in our directory or anywhere on our website.Hidden pages can only be accessed with the password that you have set.You can upload images of gif,jpg,jpeg,png,jpe extentions & pdf doc files on our server for free. NOTE: Images in private pasword protected web pages can still be viewed without password if someone has the the direct link for the image or doc.


How To Use Stylesheets (CSS)

It is very simple to use stylesheets, all you have to do is upload your stylesheet on our web server using our image uploader and goto Edit Html and place the generated stylesheet link in the header of your source code.