Generate Imvu Prepaid Card Numbers Instantly


This Imvu prepaid card generator was made only few months ago and is not patched by imvu yet. You cant resell Imvu prepaid card generator and you are not allowed to sell the free imvu prepaid cards generated by our imvu credits generator the program is only for the people who really deserve it and cant afford imvu credits or choose not buy because of some reason you are not allowed to sell free imvu credits at all or any imvu prepaid cards, do not generate more than 10 imvu prepaid cards a day.You are allowed to use free Imvu credits generator 2016 for as long as you want and as long as you agree to our terms you are only allowed to use imvu credits generator for yourself not for others imvu credits generator is not for business purposes its only for people to generate free imvu credits and have a good time you can download imvu credits generator free. 100% real and it is not like other websites that are scam. The program can generate $10 $25 and $50 Imvu prepaid card number but I would recommend you to only generate $10 Imvu Prepaid Card as it is less suspicious and only generate it once a day generating too many cards everyday can result in a ban. The program is built on java you need to have java installed. I have posted a proof with it so you guys can see the proof. 


Video Proof Below







How to use Imvu Credits Codes Generator? 


Its very simple to use Imvu Credits Codes Generator
First you have to make sure you put your correct Imvu
Avatar Name in the text box and press connect!
it usually takes few seconds before it connects but
you have to wait for it to connect Do Not Select Card Untill Its Connected!
When its loaded select the Imvu prepaid card you want and press generate
Code it can take upto 1 to 2 minutes depending on your internet connect speed.


Remember to fill in with real information 


Complete a short survey wait 5 to 10 seconds download will start
1.You are not allowed to sell the program.
2.You are not allowed to make money of the program.
3.You are not allowed to change any copyright information on the software.

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