Imvu credits generator with Captcha support

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How many credits can I generate in a day?

It truly relies on upon you what number of Imvu credits you need to generate in a day yet for 1 account the farthest credits is 750 Imvu Credits a day as we are different from other sites that falsehood and give individuals fake programs.Our system is 100% genuine and has exactly the intended effect you can use it and get the same results on Imvu.

This Imvu bot is 100% Imvu bot safe and your account is safe with it you can not get banned by using this.

How to use Imvu Credits Generator Auto Bot?

The Bot is truly simple to use and you should simply sign in with your Imvu credentials and start the bot when you are signed in and the bot will begin generating Imvu credits you can use your PC and do whatever you like and bot keep running out in the background and its extremely lightweight.

How long does the Imvu bot takes to generate credits?

You will have the credits generated within 1 hour and you can spend the credits on whatever you like.

How to download imvu Credits Generator?